‘ Travels with Parky Pigeon’

is a beautifully illustrated hardcover children’s book and a delightfully interactive App.

Join us in Parky’s unique world as he becomes the world’s first rock and roll pigeon ambassador of peace.

Parky Pigeon will take you on an adventure of a lifetime!

64 pages, 12" X 9"

‘Travels with Parky Pigeon’ About the Author and Illustrator

Direct from the beak of Parky Pigeon comes a tale that author Timothy Becker and illustrator Matthew Fox have created to delight you!

Tim Becker has been in the film production business for more than 30 years and has a passion for entertaining children with his storytelling abilities. A great influence for Tim was Kenneth Grahame’s ‘The Wind in the Willows.’ Matthew Fox, an illustrator all his life, was inspired by Wallace Tripp (known for creating animal characters).

‘Travels with Parky Pigeon’ About the Story

Parky’s worldwide journey starts by accidentally flying from Hoboken, New Jersey, to Scotland. No pigeon has ever flown across the Atlantic Ocean, so how will Parky ever return home?

With the help of friends, furry and feathered, and the rock band ‘Heavy Liftin,’ Parky learns the lay of the land and starts his journey home—the long way round the world.

‘Travels with Parky Pigeon’ PARKY’S PLEDGE

I pledge to take care of our planet. I will think before I act to avoid damaging this earth.

We all live together in this world and promise to protect it.

I know that animals need a healthy world in which to live.

I promise to deliver
that world to them.
In Parky we trust.

Watch Parky’s travels come alive.

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