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Direct from the beak of Parky Pigeon comes a tale that author Timothy Becker and illustrator Matthew Fox have created to delight you!

Parky accidentally flies in a jet plane from his home in Hoboken, New Jersey, to Edinburgh, Scotland. No pigeon has ever flown across the Atlantic Ocean, so how will Parky ever return home?

With the help of friends, furry and feathered, and the rock band ‘Heavy Liftin,’ Parky learns the lay of the land and starts his journey home— the long way round the world …

The first of a series of twelve stories that take Parky on an extraordinary worldwide adventure.

Parky's Progress

Parky is the first rock and roll pigeon to see the world on a bright and friendly flightpath.

It’s a tough world out there, but Parky makes pals who make the trip worth while.

Parky Makes Learning to Read Fun!

Kids and parents can playfully bring Parky’s adventures to life when reading the hardcover book.

Or watch that fun come to life in the ‘VidEbook’ with our interactive app (sample below)!

Enable sound to play the video.

An educational and interactive approach for children to read along with the story. Cartoons help keep your child focused. Learn new words and have fun while learning to read.


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